Useful Tips For

New Mother

Useful Tips For New Mother

  • Breast feeding is the best feeding for your baby. According to WHO the child should be given only breast feeding till the age of 6 months. No water or Top milk should be given till that period.
  • The best stimulant for the production of breast milk is produced by sucking of the baby on to breast. For initial four days, breast milk production could be very low, don’t get disheartened. Don’t start top milk but continue breast feeding.
  • When you are breast feeding the baby, child is likely to pass 8-10 loose, dark yellow stools in a day. Stool is also likely to be passed after every feed which is also a normal phenomena.
  • Baby is likely to vomit cuddled milk 3-4 times a day. This is also a normal phenomena, which requires 10 minute burping after every feed.
  • Your baby is likely to have red rashes all over the body with in first 48 hrs of birth. This is also a normal phenomena and will disappear by the age of one week.
  • Female babies often have bleeding form vagina starting on 4 days birth. This is also a normal phenomena requiring no intervention.
  • Breast feeding should be given on demand and not on any kind of scheduling.
  • You might notice a bluish patch or lower back of your child’s body. This patch is harmless and will fade by one year of age.
  • Some babies often develop projection of the umbilicus called umbilical hernia or belly button. This does not require any kind of treatment, and is better left alone to disappear spontaneously by the age of one to one half years.
  • Sleeping pattern of every child is variable, some sleep for 10hrs a day while others sleep for 22hrs. Initially often the sleep is not regular and the child gets after some time.

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