Vaccination Instruction

  1. BCG Vaccination - does not give rise to any immediate fever. After 4-6weeks a small red swelling will appear at the site of inoculation. This will finally disappear over a period of next 4 months, leaving a tiny scar.
  2. DPT Vaccination- generally causes fever, pain and swelling at the site of inoculation, which generally disappears by 24-36hrs. This requires medicine for fever like paracetamol round the clock for one to two days in some children, a small nodule can be felt at the site of vaccination. Which may take a longer time to disappear.
  3. Polio Vaccine- Polio vaccine has no side effects. I must emphasize here that pulse polio should be given to every child every time till the age of 5 years, irrespective of whether child has had regular vaccination or not. Children can be given breast feeding soon after giving polio drops.
  4. Measles & MMR Vaccine - are simple vaccines devoid of any major side effects; Mild fever and rash might appear after 1-2 weeks of vaccination. This occurs only in 10% of cases, which might require a simple medication for fever at that time.
  5. Chicken Pox Vaccine - is devoid of any side effects and should be give to all children who have not had chicken pox in past although mild fever can occur.
  6. Typhoid Vaccine - also does not given rise to any fever or local reaction. Protection rate with this vaccine is low i.e. 67%. It has to be repeated after every three years. Conjugate vaccine gives better protection and need not be repeated after two doses given 1 year apart.
  7. Hepatitis B Vaccine - does not have any kind of after effects. If the parents are not vaccinated for this they should also get the vaccination done as it is an important vaccine.
  8. Hepatitis A Vaccine - protects against Hepatitis A, which is the most common cause of Jaundice. Vaccine has practically no side effects except mild fever.
  9. HIB Vaccine - is an essential vaccine which protects against deadly illness caused by H. influenza bacteria. Vaccine has no side effects.
  10. Pneumococcal Vaccine - is given to protect children against pneumococcal infections like pneumonia and meningitis. It is a new vaccine with few side effects.

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